Q-VISIT - Fast, Efficient and Simple Visitor Management

Just picture it...

Your Reception

Your Reception with Q-VISIT

"Good afternoon,  how can I help you?"

"Ah yes, Mr Wall - and who are you here to see?"

"Could you just fill in this badge please?"

"Have you read our site instructions? - I'll just get you a copy" (hands over fourth generation photocopy)

"Oh yes - here is a pen".  

"Yes, today is the 15th of April"

"I'll just notify Mr Thompson that you are here - if you could just wait over there please".

"Ah - good afternoon Mr Wall.  Nice to see you again - it's been six months...  Here is your badge - if you could just please read the site instructions on the back, our Mr. Thompson will be down shortly to take you to the meeting room".


Your reception is the first thing about your company that your visitors will see.

Above all, it is how they will make their first impression of your organisation.

Q-VISIT streamlines the process of getting your visitors in and out of the door, and ensures that your reception and/or security staff can focus on properly meeting and greeting your visitors and contractors, attending to their needs, and making them welcome on your site, rather than fiddling around with slips and papers and lists.

Visitors can be automatically sent an email when they are booked to visit, with a simple QR-code, which when they arrive can be swiped (on paper or their phone) under a barcode reader:

The receptionist has a screen showing all planned visits, - and a means of quickly booking in people who forget to bring their barcode.

Where appropriate, visitor photographs can be pre-stored against their records - and only admitted by reception / security after they have been checked against the stored photograph - just because someone is carrying a clipboard and says they are an auditor for your major client, does not necessarily mean you should admit them to site without verifying their identity, and Q-VISIT makes this easy.

Q-VISIT can then optionally print reusable or per-visit Photo ID, on plain paper or badge printers, as required. Visitor passes and vehicle are printed automatically, with all details filled in.

You can completely tailor the badge design to your own requirements and can specify insertions such as the visitor's photo, your logo, a QR-code for temporary departures and returning and security checks, and your site instructions.

Visitor Pass

When the reception cannot be staffed, the system can optionally provide a self-service kiosk mode with touch-screen support - not unlike a supermarket self-service checkout with large clear buttons and text.

Factory Image

If required, Q-VISIT can even show site induction videos or presentations to visitors as they arrive - and of course it can hold separate videos for contractor staff from visitors who will be escorted, and it monitors the site induction expiry for contractors automatically, so that only new contractors and those whose induction training has expired need to be re-inducted!

Factory Image


Of course, the host is automatically notified as the visitor arrives (and can be notified as they depart) - but Q-VISIT takes this further - our rule- and role- based email system will also automatically notify anyone else who needs to know - from the manager of a production line that is to be worked on,  to the line cleaning staff responsible for checking for swarf or other hazards on a line where work has finished.

Integration with other QRIMS Products

There are several points of integration with the rest of our suite, but here are a few key ones:

Some additional features and advantages of the Q-VISIT system: