Q-PERM - Quick and complete control of Contractors and Permits to Work

Contractor management is vital

These days, scribbling on a tear-off permit book just doesn't cut it.  There's no traceability, no feedback - and  most important of all,  there is no controlled and traceable process to make sure that whoever is doing to work is fully advised of the hazards they face and the controls that are required - beyond the engineer's memory.

Yet if you don't do it, and do it well, you run the increased risk somebody is going to be injured or worse, and without the traceability that a robust system provides, you'll have a problem.

"A permit is no protection" may be the cry of the busy engineer, but a mature and robust Permit To Work system - one that helps track that all necessary conditions have been checked and precautions taken - goes a long way towards ensuring that protection is actually routinely, reliably and safely provided.   It is not, on its own, a Safe System Of Work - but it is absolutely the core component of one.

You need a way of reliably tracking the known hazards on your site, and the controls that each hazard requires - and that can communicate that data consistently to contractors working on site, without depending on individual engineers to remember to communicate all this information.

Popular with Engineers, Contractors, and Site Health & Safety Managers, Q-PERM is an established and mature solution that helps drive a robust Permit To Work system quickly and easily.

The Q-PERM New Activity allows users to add new activities to the system quickly and easily - colour coding distinguishes between warnings of conditions that should be addressed and actual errors in the data or process.

Keyword detection in descriptions identifies additional permits that may be required:

Checks on contractor insurance expiry and suitability for the work being performed are shown in the same way: 

You also get a wide range of additional safety checks and warnings, including:

The permit set is comprehensive, with over 30 permit and document types currently supported, and more being added all the time.
sample permits

These are instant and provided by colour feedback, notes on-screen and on-the-fly filtering of lists to include only options that meet your known criteria.

Other core features

The large Q-PERM user base - we are group wide suppliers at some of the biggest names in the business - continues to drive our ongoing development; the permit library now has nearly 40 different permits and supporting documents which cover anything from hot work to contamination to excavation to electrical to LockOut/TagOut. Continuously updated with input from our users these now represent a de facto industry standard.

Q-PERM has a proven track record as a comprehensive, reliable, easy to use product, and is in use in industries as diverse as Food manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Light Engineering, Heavy Engineering, Civil Engineering, Transport and large scale Print works.

Q-PERM has all the features you need to get control of your contractors, increase permit to work compliance, reduce risks and hazards to life and property, comply with statutory legal and insurance company requirements and save you time and money. Simple but powerful contractor and permit management software Q-PERM centralises your contractor and permit to work data so there is no duplication of effort. The software does the hard work so you don’t have to. 

Key benefits of using Q-PERM for managing Permits to Work