It's a sad fact of life that things get damaged, or break down.

Then they need fixing.

And the process needs to be tracked, so that everyone knows what has been done, and what has not.

Many things need regular maintenance so that the frequency with which they break down is reduced

And again, the process needs to be controlled and managed.

There are a lot of BIG systems out there that are fine for managing the maintenance of highly complex systems such as aircraft and nuclear power stations, but for many types of factory, these solutions are overly complex, expensive, and difficult to use and manage.

Purely paper systems are not very effective at communicating information around a busy factory - and small standalone systems, which do not share their data with the rest of the organisation.

Q-MAINT provides a simple and effective Maintenance Management solution that allows jobs to be raised, scheduled, performed, and completed,  with that information automatically shared with other QRIMS applications, and shared with everyone who needs to know about the progress of it.

So let's look at what you need:

Q-MAINT provides a simple and effective tool to allow ad-hoc maintenance tasks to be requested:

All the user needs to specify is:

Because the system is licensed per site, not per seat, this function can be made available to a wide population of users within the company, allowing them to easily raise requests for any maintenance issues they encounter.

The system automatically logs who created the request, and when.  All values can be corrected by a manager or experienced engineer when the job is approved or scheduled.

It is easy for recurring jobs to be created and their repeat rate automatically specified:

The maintenance management page shows all jobs that are imminently due, colour-coded by their status, and with an indication of whether or not a contractor is required to perform the work:

From here, any job can be allocated to an engineer, and if you also have Q-PERM installed, the job can be linked to an activity that require a Contractor with a possible need for Permits to Work to be raised and monitored - and if you also have Q-VISIT, of course the contractor will be automatically scheduled as a visitor; and once the work is scheduled or reported complete (whether from Q-PERM, Q-VISIT or Q-MAINT) all installed systems and all appropriate users will be notified of the status.

Jobs marked "plan only" in the screen above are recurring routine jobs that are coming due to be performed, but which have not yet been allocated to a specific engineer.  As they are, they will be allocated a job number.

Individual job cards can be displayed or printed, as can daily job summaries:

And of course, using the rule- and role- based email management system built into all our applications,  at each stage of the process, everyone who needs notifying is automatically kept up to date:


Q-MAINT provides a quick, easy, low-cost way of managing your maintenance, and its communication capabilities and integration with other Q-RIMS applications ensures that duplication of effort is effectively eliminated, and admin and management costs of maintenance are minimised.