About Q-RIMS

Formed in 2007 Q-RIMS builds on a working partnership which has been in place since 2002.  Our proven success and ability to build cost effective software that is easy to use is evidenced by the product range we have on offer today, the outstanding names in our customer base, and the extent to which front-line engineers who change jobs introduce us to their new employers.

We firmly believe the software should do the hard work so the user doesn't have to, and the user experience is driven by functional requirement rather than data hierarchy.  We have proven this concept with great success.

Our products are designed around the user having one screen to do one function and we achieve this using industry leading design and development techniques.  Thus making the user experience quick, simple and comprehensive.

As installed applications the functionality that is available within the user interface and behind the scenes in the software is second to none.  This design allows movement from screen to screen without losing data entered in the starting form. Unlike Internet based solutions where data is lost when a form is left and the frustration of re-entering of data results in a less satisfactory user experience.

A robust, functional continuous installed application provides the best user experience and form and function for a compliance based software solution. Our cost effective multi user, single site licensing approach means there is no limit to the number of users and no hidden costs.  Thus there are no financial restrictions on meeting your compliance based goals.

We believe in the power of applications and their ability to allow the user to complete the task in hand in one screen, to only have to enter data once and to have all the data needed at their finger tips to make operational decisions. Our founding product was Q-PERM, Quick and Complete Control of Permits and Contractors. It has evolved to included some very powerful features whilst maintaining the original philosophy.

We believe our products are the right solution for you and here are some good reasons why: