A leading supplier of commercial off-the-shelf safety and compliance software.

Best known for our widely-used Q-PERM Permit to Work software, we also have a suite of related products featuring the same ease of use that makes our products so popular with users, with strong integration between all our products, avoiding the need to enter the same information into separate products.

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Fitting your needs - and budget

Software for safety and compliance has traditionally been expensive, hard to use, and lacking in integration.

Q-RIMS breaks that pattern, with a suite of applications that are aggressively priced, easy to learn and easier to use, with powerful integration between products.

As an off-the-shelf solution, you don't incur the cost of some other products, and our solution is highly configurable, allowing it to meet a huge range of requirements.

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Get going FAST

We provide full support for your IT department during the installation

During the preparation stage we work with you to ensure that your database is pre-populated with all the core data that you will need from the start

Finally, we come to your site and provide full training in the use of the software..

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Ongoing support

With a customer base of major food manufacturers, heavy engineering, light engineering, pharmaceutical manufacturers, chemical industry and public sector clients, we have unmatched experience in supporting a huge range of risk levels and needs.

From small clients with one site and one or two users, to huge sites with a couple of hundred or more, to large groups with many sites, our track record in supporting our customers is second to none.

Phone, email, remote access and similar support are all included at no additional cost.

Additional onsite training is chargeable - and in line with the rest of our pricing strategy, is extremely competitive.

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